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SK series epoxy resin

basic information

SK series epoxy resin



Product Profile

  SK series of heat-resistant epoxy resins have higher reactivity than common epoxy resins, in addition, having short curing time,good processability and high efficiency. Chemical structure is glycidyl epoxy resins which have several epoxide groups and the structure of benzenes are in molecular structure, the higher density of crosslinking and aromatic will come into being during the curing, and make the curing product has good heat-resistance and stability. It can be used in the coating, cast-resin insulated product, fiber-reinforced plastic, adhesive, composite products, which required higher heat-resistance level.  

Common curing agent is: Amine,Anhydrides, Dimethylimidazole; for example DDS, MNA.


Product Applications

(1) As high performance composites matrix resin
(2) As heat-resistant adhesive resin, coating materials, reinforced materials, casting mould plastic materials, adhesive, UV curable ink, paint and modifying agents, etc. at 200℃ or above.


Packing and storage

(1) Package: 20kg or 50kg;
(2) Shelf life: 1 year (at room temperature).


Performance Form of Epoxy

Brand SK-0430 Attention
Appearance   (1) The epoxy resin is alkaliproof but not acidproof;
(2) The epoxy resin should be storing in a dry, shady & airproof condition.
(3) You can heat the resin to80 ℃ around when the viscosity is high or you can add acetone or other solvents to reduce the viscosity. Additional, in order to avoid the dangerous of thermal expansion, please open the package when you heat it.
(4) Because of the resin's multifunction and high epoxy value, it will release big quantity of heat when curing. It should be paid more attention.
(Gardner color) ≤ 12
Epoxy value(/100g) 0.8~0.9
(Pa•S@50℃) Viscosity 3.5~5.5
Volatile Content (%) 0.2
Hydrolysis chlorine (%) 0.2(Ordinary class)
0.1(Electronic grade)
Mixture ratio (MNA Parts by weight) 1 : 1.31~1.35
Curing condition (MNA) Curing condition:120℃1h+180℃2h+200℃4h
Cured show brown Tg>230℃
Curing condition (DDS)

Heat the resin to 90~110℃. Then add the curing agent and mix them to absolutely dissolved

Curing condition:120℃1h+160℃4h+200℃4h

Cured show brown 240~260℃

The processing above is only for reference. Please convince of the reliability when you are using.


Curing spectrum of Epoxy

Curing system Curing process

Glass transition temperature(℃)
SK-0430: MNA=100:126 120℃/1h+180℃/2h+200℃/4h 231.298


Application example of Epoxy