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SK series Polyimide molding powder

basic information

SK series Polyimide molding powder



Product Profile

The product has the feature of both high and low temperature resistance and radiation resistance, self-lubrication and creepresistance. The high-temperature injection moulding, extrusion moulding or compression molding process can be used.


Product Applications

1)The product can produce polyimide of high-temperature resistance, including plastics, parts, products.

2)The products are widely applied in aircrafe, aerospace, electric and electronic, hi-tech industry and so on. 


Product Form

Can supply molding powder, shapes (plank, bar, pipe) and parts.


Packing and storage

(1) Package: 10kg.

(2) Keep it in room temperature for two years.


Performance Form of SK-010

Testing items Testing standard Unit Brand
Appearance - - Yellow powder
Density GB1033 kg/m3 1420
Water absorption ≤(25℃, 24Hrs) GB1034 % 2.5
Tensile strength GB/T1040.1-2006 Mpa 80
Tensile strength GB/T1040.1-2006 % 5
Flexural strength GB9341-2000 Mpa 80
Flexural modulus GB/T9341-2000 Mpa 300
Compressive strength GB/T1041-2008 Mpa 100
Charpy impact strength GB/T16420-1996 - 25
Hardness Rockwell E / Rockwell E 40
Long-term maximum service temperature - 288
Short-term maximum service temperature - 360
Instant maximum service temperature - 430
T5(Air, 10℃/min) d TGA(STA449C/6/F) 570
Linear expansion coefficient GB/T2572-2005 4.7*10-5
The highest temperature of using - 360
Low temperature resistance - kV/mm -269
Dielectric constant GB1408 Ω 180
Surface resistivity GB1410 m3/ 1014
Rate of Volume wear GB3960 (N·m) 10-15
Friction coefficient GB3960 - 0.2
Remarks 1、 Characteristic value not guaranteed;
2、 The powder of the product can be mixed with glass fiber, carbon fiber, PTFE and graphite to produce composite materials.



Testing items Testing standard Unit Brand
SK-0110 SK-0120 SK-0130
Appearance - - Yellow powder Yellow powder Yellow powder
Resin characteristics - - Semicrystal Amorphous Amorphous
Density GB1033 kg/m3 1420 1400 1400
Water absorption ≤(25℃, 24Hrs) GB1034 % 0.6 0.6 0.6
Tensile strength GB/T1040.1-2006 Mpa 70 80 80
Elongation GB/T1040.1-2006 % 5 7 8
Flexural strength GB9341-2000 Mpa 80 100 100
Flexural modulus GB/T9341-2000 Mpa 2500 3000 2500
Compressive strength GB/T1041-2008 Mpa 150 120 150