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SK bismaleimide resin

basic information

SK bismaleimide resin


Testing items Unit Brand
Appearance - Light yellow powder
Assay % ≥80
Melting point 80-90
Metal ion assay - ≤200ppm
Volatile % ≤1


Product Characteristic

◆Low melting point, can lower to 80℃;
◆Good solubility, can be dissolved in acetone and other solvents;
◆Good toughness, impact strength after curing can reach more than 20KJ/M2, to solve some problems,like the ordinary bismaleimide resin with high melting point, poor toughness, difficult to dissolve and so on.


Product Applications

◆ The product can be copolymerized with diallyl bisphenol A as the matrix resin of the composite material .The composite material has high- temperature resistance, radiation resistance and high strength.
◆The product can be modified ordinary epoxy resin and can be used to make insulating materials, adhesives. After the composite, it has high- temperature resistance, good insulation, good toughness;
◆ As the product is soluble and can be melt, you can coat or impregnate fiber materials and other methods to produce large components.