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Research and development innovation

Development of new polyimide production

Tg > 450 ℃ of polyimide materials

Main features:

Tg > 450 ℃;

1% heat temperature > 500 ℃;

The thermal expansion coefficient of < 5 PPM/K (@ at room temperature to 400 ℃);

Young's modulus >, 2 GPa; Tensile strength >, 100 MPa;

Application direction:

High temperature resistant aerospace (engine) field can also be widely used

Colorless transparent polyimide film material

Application direction:

Large size flexible FPD display, optical waveguide material, solar energy module, photosensitive device, FPC circuit board and spacecraft battery substrate material have been widely used

High strength and high modulus polyimide film materials

Main features:

Tensile strength > 200MPa;

Elastic modulus > 6Gpa (unstretched thin film)

Application direction:

Aerospace, space station applications

Ultra-low linear expansion coefficient polyimide material

Main features:

CTE: 1 ~ 1 PPM/K

Application direction:

Military field

High temperature soluble and soluble polyimide material

Application direction:

High - temperature - resistant high-toughness composites between the toughening and plastic, adhesive, etc

Axle sleeve of polyimide composite material

Main features:

Compared to pure plastic shaft bushing,

The mechanical and dimensional stability is more outstanding

Application direction:

Aircraft engines, aircraft, missiles

Polyimide gas separation membrane

Application direction:

Separation of carbon dioxide and methane in biogas and nitrogen and oxygen in air

2-L non - adhesive polyimide flexible copper clad sheet

Main features:

High heat resistance, film glass transition temperature (Tg) of more than 330 ° C

Low linear expansion coefficient, CTE at 20ppm/K, matches Cu

The peeling strength meets the requirements of IPC for FCCL