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High performance macromolecular materials can be considered for any parts and components that require high temperature (over 150 degrees), radiation, corrosion, self-lubrication, or insulation (dielectric) and work in harsh environments. The main application areas of such products are as follows:


1. Automobile industry: the ring pipe, exhaust pipe, brake plate, bearing, piston ring and timing gear near the engine;


2. Conveying machinery: compressor, vacuum pump and generator parts, fasteners, spline joint and electronic connector, etc.;


3. Power generation industry and nuclear industry: structural parts requiring radiation resistance; Core target pellets and other materials.


4. For the electronics and electrical industries: connectors, insulators, connectors, gaskets, liquid crystal displays, chip supports and other industries to make printed circuit boards, insulation materials, heat-resistant cables, wiring posts and sockets;


5.Industrial machinery: such as motor, pump and compressor insulation parts, shaft sleeve, seal ring, piston ring, gear, bearing and shell, etc. 7: commercial machinery: heat-resistant parts, paper separation claws, roller shaft end cover, heat-resistant gear, rotary pad and drive coupling, etc.), communication device, construction machinery, transmission and textile equipment, etc.